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Jak Stoll – 1985 Saab 900 SPG engine bay

Jak Stoll – 1985 Saab 900 SPG

Snipe's Saab 900 SPG

Gustave's 310HP 97 Saab 900 convertible

Sab's 1988 900 Aero – with JSP Talon intercooler, JSP Stage 2 ECU chip, JSP 34lb injectors, JSP Mitsubishi TE05 16G turbo, Aquamist 1S water injection, SPG9 AID, Stage 2 SPG9 APC, JSP Split 3inch downpipe, hi flow racing cat, 2.5" exhaust from cat back.

John Williams NG900 – JSP 3 inch SS exhaust, JSP GT3071R turbo, JSP 50 lb hour injectors, bar & plate IC, cold air intake  & JSP Stage 5 high altitude ECU uncorrected numbers at 5000 feet elevation & 100F: 295WHP & 286 ft lbs
Click here to view John's dyno run slip.

The Meatball

Shawn's Saab NG900

Taylor's Classic Saab 900 SPG

Carl Bridges 400BHP Viggen – All hardware & software done in house at JSP.
Click here to view Carl's dyno run slip.

Special ECU for Mark Bellingham – He uses a TD04HL15T 6cm2 turbo, 3 inch exhaust, JSP intercooler, cold air intake, JSP 50 lb injectors & JSP ECU. 400 ft lbs & 310BHP.
Click here to view Mark’s dyno in a new window.

Jak's 1998 NG900 SE with GT32, 46mm external WG, 2.5 inch cold side pipe, Stage 6 ECU, big intercooler, complete 3 inch exhaust, header, cold air intake with 3 inch inlet pipe Dynoed at 420BHP.
Click here to view Jak's dyno run slip.