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I am a master level automotive technician/diagnostician with over 37 years of experience. I currently hold ASE Master, ASE L1 certifications and many others. I am a welder fabricator and manual machinist which lends itself well to building and tuning performance automobiles.

My experience as an engine management diagnostician led me into tuning engine management many years ago. I started Jak Stoll Performance in the early 2000s and pioneered Saab tuning in the USA. I have worked with several aftermarket stand alone engine management systems as well as other original equipment automobile engine management systems.

I am currently getting into the German car market and work with a lot of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and VAG vehicles and hope to offer tuning for them soon.

I am available for whatever tuning / programming needs you may have and some fabrication work on a piece by piece basis. Please contact me if you can make use of my skill set. If you would like me to do programming for you or have other questions or requests on tuning and performance please email me, call or text my phone: 503-915-8085.

Thank you for checking in! !

Jak Stoll

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Mail and shipping address

Jak Stoll
437 Northdride Drive
Lexington KY 40505

For all tuning work contact me directly via email. Click here to email me or phone me on my cell: 503-915-8085

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