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Here are some words from my customers who have installed my products.

2000 9-5 JSP Stage 5

Some fun info, my car held tight with a brand new Audi S4 ( V8 340 HP) the other day. I could see that the guy was looking to see what kind of car it was (and that was with the clutch slippping in the power band on each shift!)

Also I got the nicest comment ever on my car. I "had" to pass a guy in a loud Mustang GT 5 spd. Nice looking car. He tried not letting me, I hit it and he did too… I blew him away 5-10 lenghts in about 500 ft, and pulled over next to him in the right at the next light. Now I know that they are not very fast, but the guy rolled down the window, smiled and said "That's just plain WRONG man, I have this great car and you blow by me with a Baby seat in the back." He said he never knew Saabs are so fast and I said it is thanks' to ‘Jak Stoll Performance’. Just wanted to share man. Your skill makes me smile every day.

This car never ceases to amaze me, thanks Jak, you're the best.

James Kirwin. 2000 9-5 stage5

JSP Stage 1 fuel chip - LH 2.2

I just installed the Stage 1 fuel chip for LH 2.2 you sent, and I just wanted to say thank you! The car runs absolutely great, I had no idle issues or anything with the 30lb injectors mated to your chip. No adjustments were necessary, it was a plug and play. Thanks for working hard for all us Saabers, and I'll definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

The car is MUCH stronger at part-throttle, which amazes me! I don't have to floor it all the time to make decent power, it really transformed the car and drives great. I haven't had a chance to up the boost yet, but I'm really anxious to see what kind of max boost I can gain! Thanks again.

-Aaron aka IronJoe

Thanks Jak, you're the man!

I can only absolutely concur with the prowess of my 96 Saab NG900 after a good 9 hours of work at Jak's house!

My day at Jak's consisted of leaving my house in Virginia Beach, Va at 2.00am on a Saturday morning and making the 7 hour drive to his house. Jak made a custom exhaust (which is the perfect grumble), bigger intercooler, custom airbox, and new ECU software. The car is indeed a monster, and that's with a blown O2 sensor and an OEM BPC (car has 108K) miles on it. After those two items get replaced my car will surely scream even more. I'm wicked stoked!!

The day at Jak's was very informative and he answered everyone of my questions thoroughly and even hooked me up w/lunch and dinner before I had to drive back. After the nearly 24 hour day and plenty of gripeing by wife for the adventure, it was totally worth it!

I'm even starting to save up money on the side (hope my wife doesn't see this post) for the T28 and Jak's custom intercooler.

My JSP Stage 5 NG900!

I would like to say that I have recently completed my stage 5 from Jak and its running great now!!! My car is on fire and just posted SAE 307WHP and 349.16Wtrq. This car is very fast and the power comes on at 3000rpm and holds until about 4300rpm, where it pulls hard again and it feels like a second shot in the arm to the power band... the power is awesome and I cannot wipe the smile off my face. Jak has put up with a lot of questions from me and I really taxed his patience I think, but he hung in there and did his best to answer all my questions, my theories and my concerns about modding my car up to over 300whp.

Jak even was nice enough to help me with standard Saab shop type questions, like how do I replace my serpentine belt and why is my idle fluctuating. He was very patient and I sent hundreds of emails and called him 3 times a week in the beginning trying to figure out how and why we were doing things the way we were. If you sum it all up, Jak was great answering my silly questions and a great asset for me to have as a tuner... he led me in the right direction more than once when my local shop had steered me in another direction. One example would be the DI. I had the lower DI cassette go bad and Jak helped me to order a new lower section only and I ended up fixing my missing problem for $70 instead of $325! My local shop did not believe this would work, but it did and my miss disappeared completely after replacing the bottom section of the DI.

All in all, I am one happy JSP Stage 5 owner. My car has more power than I could have ever imagined and its a blast to drive. He helped me through thick and thin and now we are about done with my cars tuning and its a monster. The only place to go from here would be a full on stage 6 racing motor with a huge turbo, headers, cams and the whole 9... bu right now I have more than enough power and am very happy with my new stage 5 from Jak.

Thanks for all your help and support, John

LH 2.2 Chip

The SPG is very happy with it's new brain. Smooth and quick, much improved!
Thanks Bruce


Thanks Jak

Last Saturday I made the drive up to NC and spent the day with Jak Stoll. He installed a 3" down-pipe and sport cat and tuned my ECU...I can't even begin to explain the transformation this has made to my 2001 T7 9-3 base. It definitely takes some getting used to... the throttle is so responsive that when I was trying to drive "normal" I have to literally feather the throttle or the car just wants to throw you back in the seat. My girlfriend was getting annoyed, but seriously it takes some getting used to! He dialed the torque to hit hard at around 2700-2800 rpms. You can feel it fade a bit after 5k. I've found a dyno and I just need to get an appointment to get it done and I'll post the results when I do it.

I want to thank Jak for his hard work.

  • 2001 9-3 base
  • upgraded sway bar
  • B&G springs
  • Tuned ECU
  • Saab sport exhaust
  • Modified air-box
  • 3" down-pipe and sport cat
  • K&N drop in
  • 16" five spoke SE wheels

400HP Viggen

Jak did a great job... drove it home to Florida yesterday... fuel economy was great too at around 33 from the computer. Most impressive was the drivablility of the car, behaves quite well until you put your foot in it... then look out. I think this was a better purchase than my mail order russian bride! Truly an incredible car and a testament to Jak's abilities. He does it right.

Mark Bellingham's 1996 900SE

On my 96 900SE I am currently running Jak's Stage 5, and I love it. If you look on the customer page you can see my dyno sheet, and I also have his intercooler. I originally had a competitors ECU but it wasn't all what I thought it should have been, and it was constantly giving my car a check engine light. Jak hooked me up with one of his ECUs and I was very glad I made the switch! I mean, as of now Jak is the only full time US tuner and you can always reach him when you have questions and he is very prompt with returning emails. For me this is a very big advantage because I don't plan to even stop upgrading my car and it is great to have Jak to be able to call and ask questions on performance stuff, as well as maintenance things which he has helped me out with a few problems. I have been lusting after one of his tubular manifolds for a while and if I had the money it would be on my car right now along with a full on in-house tune, but I think those will have to wait for the bigger turbo. Thanks a lot Jak!

1998 900SE Convertible

Just want to share with every one on Saabnet what a great experience I had with Jak this weekend. I decided to go all the way with the mods on my 1998 900se convert. I know I'll never match the performance of a manual but I live with Chicago traffic and I like having a hand free while driving. Forget about shopping all over the internet for parts like I use to do on my Mustang. After talking on the phone and meeting Jak in person, I had absolute confidence that Jak knew his stuff and had the numbers to back it up. His prices are great and he backs up his products/services 100%. It's not about just bolting on a bunch of parts… Jak found and fixed pre-existing problems on my car that wouldn't let it reach it's potential even if I had brought everything in the store. On the way home my car felt like it had a V8. I couldn't wait to pass slow moving cars that were going 85mph with short sprints of sheer acceleration. My speedometer acted like a tachometer! There are other Saab turners out there but fo the price, quality, and customer service, Jak has my vote. Having everything done by Jak was well worth my hard earned cash. Thanks again Jak for being the Saab guru you are!

My new ECU!

I'm writing in you complete disbelief and amazement. I got the new ecu from you in the mail today, and I was so excited, I said screw my
schoolwork and put it in tonight when i got back from the gym. I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY! I took the car out for some good solid adaptation
runs tonight, and I just got back.

I did like you said, 4th gear at 1500, slammed my foot on the floor, and rode it up to 4000. I did two more just like that, then.... I played :-) I had to go just a little easy on it because it was obviously dark, and I couldn't see cops if they were hiding, but I had fun to say the least. When I lay it down in second gear, the tires won't even stay on the pavement!! It's absolutely incredible! Boost builds FAST to 20-21psi on the guage, and HOLDS there forever! The exhaust screams, and I'm slammed back in my seat like I'm in a fighter jet! You did such amazing work with this set up! I just can't believe it!
I'm sure you get the point by now that I'm so so so overwhelmingly happy with this ecu! This is better than I ever even imagined. Thank you so so
much! I can't possibly thank you enough for the work you've done! Even when i move back up to Jersey in June, I'm still coming to you for all of
my performance needs! Really, thank you so much Jak, you do amazing work!

Thank you a hundred times over,
Ryan Kelly