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I offer a wide range of performance products for your Saab. Click the links below to be taken to specific products for your Saab.


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Direct bolt on 9000 intercooler


9000 cold side intercooler pipe

Early 9000 exhaust down pipe

Early 9000 exhaust down pipe

Late 9000 exhaust down pipe

9000 JSP 321 Stainless Steel Header

ECU mapping

LH2.2 and LH2.4 remapping

Head porting and polishing

JSP T25 Turbo

JSP T25 Turbo

clutch kit

JSP Stage 3 Clutch kit

JSP 9000 Exhaust Systems

JSP Early 9000 3 inch exhaust downpipe

Early style Saab 9000 downpipe & cat. This will make about half of your exhaust 3 inch – you will need 2 Stainless Steel band clamps to install one for the DP to cat 3 inch & then at the rear 2.25 inch for OE cat back. I can make the rear slip over whatever size you have back there and you will use a band clamp of that size.

Price: $POA+S&H.

JSP Late 9000 3 inch exhaust downpipe

This is my later Saab 9000 downpipe which will require one stainless steel band clamp at the rear of whatever size pipe you have – Cat back. I can make it slip over that and clamp on with the band clamp.

Price: $POA+S&H.

JSP 9000 Cat back 3 inch exhaust

Made in stainless steel or aluminized steel.

Price:$POA for aluminized steel (includes muffler & tip)

Price: $POA for stainless steel.

JSP 9000 complete exhaust system

Direct bolt on system from turbo to tip, comes with clamps, & all hangers in place

Price: $POA in aluminized steel

Price: $POA for stainless steel.

JSP Stainless Steel Tubular header

I now offer a .10" thick 304 SS tubular header which has a nice collector & is strong as can be. This is a lifetime piece.

Price: $POA

New JSP 321 Stainless Steel Header

It uses a burns 321 stainless steel double slip collector, all tigged and back-purged It can be polished to a mirror finish if required. I also make a version which moves the turbo 1" foward and 2.5" away from the water pump/AC compressor to fit a bigger GT series turbo on the NG900 9-3 & 9-5, leaving more room for a turbo inlet pipe. By your request I will be happy to fabricate a header to your specifications if you are using a diferent turbo. It replaces the stock exhaust manifold.

Price: POA

JSP 9000 Intercooler Systems

Direct bolt on JSP intercoolers for 9000

I now offer direct bolt on intercoolers for 9000

Price: $POA

JSP 9000 cold side intercooler pipe

Intercooler to throttlebody in aluminum pipe. This pipe will eliminate the need for the OE curved hose at the throttleplate I can point you in the right direction for the hoses or supply them myself for an extra charge.

Price: $POA.

JSP 9000 Turbo Systems

JSP T25 Turbo

The JSP T25 turbo upgrade is bigger than the TD04-18T (the compressor wheel is the same size as a T3/60). A very nice turbo direct bolt in unit, no need to hunt down all the bits to make the Mitsubishi unit fit.

Price: $POA + $200 core charge

JSP TD04 Turbo upgrade

The JSP TD04 upgrade uses a Garrett compressor wheel, which outflows an 18T wheel. Like all the other JSP turbos, these are meticulously balanced and the shafts are straightened well beyond factory spec.

Price: $POA + $200 core charge

JSP Big T28 Turbo upgrade

This is the T25 compressor & exhaust housings machined out to accept a T28 complete new center section this turbo will suport 340BHP – well within its efficiency range but does trade off a little bottom end power for a lot of mid & top end power. This is a direct bolt in like the JSP T25/28.

Price: $POA

JSP 9000 Other Performance Parts

JSP Head porting and polishing

Headporting can be arranged and charged on an hourly basis (time spent on head). If you are interested in this service please contact me to be discuss your needs further.

Price: $POA.

JSP Stage 3 clutch kits

This kit comes with pressure plate, dual friction disc (kevlar bronze ceramic) and slave cylinder/TO bearing. This is an agressive clutch for those who are serious about performance. Other friction options are available both more & less agressive, please call for details.

Price: $POA (for 9000)

Other JSP 9000 custom products

All kinds of custom exhaust & intercooler tubing for people that want to supply examples etc. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

JSP 9000 Staged ECU chips

JSP ECU remapping (LH2.2 and LH2.4)

You can run larger injectors, larger turbo and have good air fuel ratios across the board. This is critical for engine longevity & true performance – no more guessing.

In order to create a correct chip for your car, some data gathering is necessary. The first are some details on your existing engine setup (turbo, intercooler, injectors, etc.). Second, to understand how the car is currently running, the air/fuel ratio and Air Mass Meter (AMM) voltage is needed throughout the RPM range. The best way to gather this is on a dyno with a good data logger, but it can be done on the highway if you have something like the LM-1 unit. A wideband O2 sensor must be used to get the correct air/fuel ratio and the AMM voltage can be gathered by hooking a voltmeter on the orange wire of the AMM.

Once this data is received and analyzed, a new chip will be sent to you. Custom remapping can be done as well. If you are close to western North Carolina, bring your car in and a dump of your rom will be put into a laptop and an emulator will drive your car, logging the necessary data & making changes in real time. When everything is right, a chip is burned.

All remaps are kept on file to make future changes very easy, even over long distance.

NOTE: Since this chip changes fuel maps, a Rising Rate Fuel Regulator should not be used with this chip. A 3.0 Bar fuel regulator is recommended.

Price: $POA for inital chip with 3 free reburns for fine tuning.
$POA for onsite custom mapping.
$POA for major remapping after an engine upgrade.

JSP pre-programmed Saab ECU chip option stages

JSP Stage 1: For use in LH2.2 applications*

ECU chip that is pre programmed for a specific set of hard components: 30lb Bosch fuel injectors (#280 150 945), upgraded Intercooler & exhaust with the mitsu 16T or Garrett T3/60  which will suport up to 225WHP.

Price: $POA (ECU chip only) with no free reburns.

JSP Stage 2: For use in LH2.2 applications*

ECU chip that is pre programmed for a specific set of hard components: #34 Redtop Trionic 5 injectors, used with a big front mount intercooler, upgraded downpipe & full exhaust with free flowing cat & Mitsubishi 18T with clipped turbine wheel or Garrett T3/T4, 2.1 intake & head.

This chip uses a higher rev limit & will suport up to 265WHP.

Price: $POA (ECU chip only) with no free reburns.

*Similar stages are also be available for LH2.4 applications.

JSP Custom ECU chip work

Other custom chip work can be done, such as rev limit only changes, for use with secondary injector drivers.

Price: $POA.

JSP Trionic 5 Staged ECUs and performance kits

JSP T5 Tuned ECUs (1994+ Saab 9000)

Now available! JSP tuned trionic ECUs all stages available up to 305BHP and 330 ft lbs torque more to come later :)

JSP Stage 1 ECU & K&N drop in air filter only.

JSP Stage 2 downpipe K&N drop in air filter & 3 inch downpipe with sportcat.

JSP Stage 3 downpipe K&N drop in air filter & 3 inch downpipe with sportcat & 3 inch cat back exhaust (900 & 9-3 need at least a viggen IC).

JSP Stage 4 JSP T25/28 turbo downpipe K&N drop in air filter & 3 inch downpipe with sportcat & 3 inch cat back exhaust. Note: This Stage 4 for the Saab 9000 Aero will not need an upgraded turbo (where Mitsubishi turbo is used) but the Stage 4 for T25 equiped cars will need to use the JSP T25/28.

JSP Stage 5 The Saab 9000 Stage 5 will use bigger injectors and the TD0418T (in place of the mitsubishi turbo on Saab 9000 Aero cars). Stage 5 with Garrett T25 equiped Saab 9000 will get "the Big T28 upgrade" (See above).  

All staged tuning for T5 cars is $POA.

Custom tuning available for all Trionic 5 cars.

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