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I offer a wide range of performance products for your Saab. Click the links below to be taken to specific products for your Saab.

SAAB TRIONIC 7 PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (1999-2002 9-3; 2003 9-3 CVT & Saab 9-5)

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Direct bolt on 9-5 intercooler

Head porting and polishing

9-3 Intercooler

9-5 Downpipe (3 inch)

3 inch downpipe to suit 9-3

clutch kit

JSP Stage 3 Clutch kit

JSP 50lb per hour fuel injectors

JSP 65lb per hour fuel injectors

9-5 Direct bolt-on downpipe


9-5 stainless steel header

Forged Pistons

Trionic ECU upgrades

Custom pipe

JSP T7 9-3 & 9-5 Exhaust Systems

JSP T7 9-3/9-5 3 inch exhaust downpipe

Price: $POA made in aluminized steel

Price: $POA made in stainless steel

JSP 9-3 and 9-5 Cat back 3 inch exhaust

Made in stainless steel or aluminized steel.

Price:$POA for aluminized steel (includes muffler & tip)

Price: $POA for stainless steel.

JSP Stainless Steel Tubular header

I now offer a .10" thick 304 SS tubular header which has a nice collector & is strong as can be. This is a lifetime piece.

Price: $POA

New JSP 321 Stainless Steel Header

It uses a burns 321 stainless steel double slip collector, all tigged and back-purged It can be polished to a mirror finish if required. I also make a version which moves the turbo 1" foward and 2.5" away from the water pump/AC compressor to fit a bigger GT series turbo on the NG900 9-3 & 9-5, leaving more room for a turbo inlet pipe. By your request I will be happy to fabricate a header to your specifications if you are using a diferent turbo. It replaces the stock exhaust manifold.

Price: $POA

JSP T7 9-3 & 9-5 Intercooler Systems

Direct bolt on JSP intercoolers for 9-5

I now offer direct bolt on intercoolers for 9-5

Price: $POA

JSP 9-3 bar & plate IC

The core dimensions of this IC are 3.5X8X20 which is the largest “drop in” performance IC on the market that Im aware of. The other thing that sets this IC apart from the others I see is the end tank design uses conventional tanks with mandrel bent inlet & outlets to keep the flow of air more smoothe thru the tanks & core. I can make the IC fit the stock (non viggen) cold side hose as well as the viggen hoses both sides on request at no aditional charge.

Price: $POA

Plus supply of hoses & pipes from the turbo compressor to IC on request.

Supply of hoses and pipes price: $POA.

JSP NG900 & T5 9-3 Other Performance Parts

JSP Head porting and polishing

Headporting can be arranged and charged on an hourly basis (time spent on head). If you are interested in this service please contact me to be discuss your needs further.

Price: $POA.

JSP Cold air intake with shield

This is a cold air intake with shield for the Saab 9-3.

Price: $POA.

JSP Stage 3 clutch kits

This kit comes with pressure plate, dual friction disc (kevlar bronze ceramic) and slave cylinder/TO bearing. This is an agressive clutch for those who are serious about performance. Other friction options are available both more & less agressive, please call for details.

Price: $POA (for 9-3)

JSP 50lb per hour fuel injectors

These are ball type injectors with a 4 nozzle tip for superior fuel atomization & will support up to 370BHP at 90% dutycycle.

Price: $POA

JSP 65 lb per hour fuel injectors

These injectors will suport up to 425BHP at 90% duty cycle. These are used in the higher stages of tuning and they are wafer type 4 nozzle injectors for superior fuel atomization

Price: $POA

Forged pistons

To suit all T7 cars (including 2.3 Litre Viggen & 9-5)

Price: $POA

JSP Trionic 7 Staged ECUs and performance kits

I now offer staged tuning for all Trionic 7 cars.

Click this link to see the dyno run from a tuned 1999 9-3 Viggen JSP Stage 2. More dyno slips to come! Custom tuning available for all T7 cars. 

NOTE: I must receive the core within 30 days or there will be no refund!

Price: Trionic 7 staged tuning is $650 (please call for more details).

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Our liability for losses or damages arising out of any cause whatsoever is limited to full refund of the purchase price, or at our option, repair or replacement of the part(s) purchased.

We are not to be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you. Thank you.

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